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Sequestration Meal #446

  I had an open bag of blue corn chips, so of course that meant I had to make nachos. Specifically, these nachos from Nora Cooks . They were delicious, if somewhat more spicy than I intended; I probably should have seeded my jalapeno before dicing it and sprinkling it over, especially since I already made the cashew cheese sauce pretty spicy. But you know what? Sometimes you need a bit of spiciness to remind you that you're still alive. (Let's just say these are challenging times.) Someone on Twitter asked recently why I was still sequestering. (Or "sequestrating," I think, was how it was put.) Those familiar with me know that I like doing numbered series, rather than giving each post a name; it also helps with the tagging and sorting. Changing it now would break up the theme. However, I am, in fact, still semi-sequestering. I don't know that a day may ever come again when I don't "sequester," because I can't envision going out to a restaurant, a

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