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Sequestration Meal #367

  I had some of those little green French lentils that really needed using, so I went looking for something that sounded good and used what I had. I settled on this vegan mushroom, lemon, and lentil salad from Everyday Delicious. If you're looking for allergy friendly options, this is another good one--no gluten, nuts, or soy. I had the arugula, although I can't recall what my intentions were in buying it--lately I'm suffering from poor executive function sometimes and grocery shopping has become just a thing that happens out of habit, and often the best I can manage to do in terms of a list is to write "green vegetable" or "something leafy" on my list and then buy whatever seems to be priced the best. I have an easier time figuring out one meal at a time out of what I have here than choosing a week or two's menus and buying in accordance with it. It's working out for me, though I wish, at times, I could plan better and be more intentional. In a

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