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Sequestration Meal #558

  I've been making a lot of Korean-ish meals lately, so I decided to make something Chinese-ish for this week's rice-and-sides type offering. I had some carrot and celery slaw and pickled cabbage, so I included them along with my rice, JUST Egg and tomato stir fry , and bok choy and mushroom stir fry ( from Omnivore's Cookbook , ironically). This was all so good! I know tomatoes aren't in season, but the rest of my produce is. I am not always a big fan of bok choy but I loved how this turned out. I would note, however, that bok choy can get very dirty and gritty, so I spent kind of a long time scrubbing mine. But it's worth it to me in part because bok choy is just so cute. I left the dried chili out of the recipe because I didn't have it and because the tomato-egg dish is seasoned with sriracha, and it was fine--just a nice, deep savory flavor. That JUST Egg recipe remains one of my nostalgic favorites, too. This may look like a messy plate and I could probably

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