Laptop Lunches #78

This isn't from today; life intervenes sometimes with the posting of lunch. This is leftover bowties and cheese (I didn't have macaroni) sprinkled with a little parsley flakes to perk it up, sliced kiwi, a slice of meatloaf from the freezer, and leftover glazed carrots.

The carrots are an America's Test Kitchen recipe, but I think I prefer the Joy of Cooking for this. Also, being more of a veggie person than a meat person, in this case I felt like their idea of two servings was too small, rather than too large, as I usually think.

The pasta is from Betty Crocker's Just the Two of Us. I was skeptical because it really didn't look too appetizing but it tasted really good. Still, I think I can improve on the recipe. Honestly, I am sort of disappointed in the Betty Crocker cookbook--too many "recipes" for things like crusty bread with some kind of spread with an ingredient list that includes "two bakery rolls."

What I did for today (and will post shortly) is far more exciting--and I have still managed to avoid the store. But I don't think I can keep this up much longer. I am getting desperate for some fresh produce.


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