Laptop Lunches #110

Assorted sushi rolls made with soy wrappers instead of nori (avocado and cucumber fillings), a condiment cup of soy sauce, honey-hoisin tofu (from Mom 100), and petit fours.

I rarely make sushi, mostly because it seems impossible to make in appropriate quantities for one person, but I kept passing the soy wrappers at the grocery store and they seemed to call to me, sort of endlessly, so...I took the plunge. I don't like soy wrappers for nori substitutes, because they don't stick as well as nori, and they're sort of thin--not exactly flimsy, but not sturdy enough to hold their shape well--but it was a nice change of pace.

The honey-hoisin tofu was interesting. It involved pressing out the water for a while between two plates weighted down with cans of beans, which gave it the texture of a pressed-and-formed chicken nugget. I think I like the marinated tofu I made a few weeks ago better. This is a recipe for people who don't like tofu, and I do like tofu. No big loss; the book the recipe came from, Mom 100, came from the public library, so I didn't shell out any money to discover this, other than for the food itself.

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  1. Maybe I need to try that tofu recipe. I've yet to convince my Frenchman that tofu is food.

  2. Mmmm this dinner sounds delicious! I'm gradually teaching myself to like tofu, do something that only slightly tastes of it sounds great to me! I almost always squeeze all the water out, I don't like slimy foods!

    Your sushi looks great too :)


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