3-Tier Bottle Bento #6

Although there were some lunches from pre-move, I'm going to keep those in waiting for the next hiatus. So, post-move, you get to see my pretty new countertops instead of the cutting board:

The lighting is much better in this kitchen, too--so easy to get a good shot!

That said, the first week after a move always results in slightly weird food. The only rule I have this week is that I aim to have some kind of fruit, some kind of vegetable, a protein, and a grain. Here, that's applesauce, marinated beets, cubes of Swiss cheese, and some little "everything" crackers.

Not exactly pretty, but it covered the bases.


  1. Yay! You're back! I tried having a bento blog, but it got pretty boring pretty quick because there's not much variation. I want to say, though, that I tried Brioche bread for the first time last week (I am really bad about packing a lunch daily) because I saw it on your blog and...O.M.G.! I'd heard of it before, but never really paid much attention. I had it with ham and cheese and it makes a plain sammie so much better-tasting.

    1. Brioche is really nice! Glad I inspired you. I learned early on that I didn't have much variety, either, but the blog pushed me to try new things. I think I eat a lot more things than I did four years ago when all this got started. Through blogging, I've been brave enough to try so many new things! Most lunch blogs are for kids, but the thing is, all the things people do to get kids to eat new things applies to adults, too: Make it attractive, vary your presentation, and keep trying.

  2. Thank you for the encouragement! Yeah, most of the blogs are for kids, which is a total bummer. While I'm far from being a "mature grown-up" except in age, I'm not really into Olaf sandwiches and perfect little nests of soba noodles. Hahaha.


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