Skater Lunch Box #7

Celery sticks and baby carrots with yogurt ranch dip (in the little chick cup), rice pilaf, and a chicken leg.

This chicken was a recipe that went a bit awry. It was meant to have a nice, thick glaze. It does not. It was kind of bland and a bit greasy from the coating of butter that went on it. (I think the butter made the glaze slide off, actually--not the greatest planning). But it was actually better the next day, which is often the case with chicken.

I love the little chick, but most of my lunch boxes aren't deep enough to accommodate it. I was excited to find that the Skater box fits not only the chick, but also the pig and the panda that came with it. So many possibilities!


  1. I have the same problem with those cute little cups, their ears makes them to tall for most of my boxes. But they are adorable, so I usually let the lids of the boxes be a little open.

    1. Hi, there! I've missed seeing your lunches--it was always fascinating to see your Swedish food.

    2. Yeah, I kind of got out of the habit of blogging. I'll try to get back at it now that schools back after summer next week.


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