KOSOX 2-Tier Sushi Box #11

Blueberries, stuffed egg halves garnished with dill springs, a mini strawberry chocolate cheesecake mousse cup (leftover from the previous day's entertaining), and something I am calling Greek bruschetta (recipe below).

I'm now growing herbs in my bay window, with some success (and some not as successful but that's another story). So I have fresh dill with which to garnish my eggs, and I am happy. But enough of that. You want to know how to make Greek bruschetta.

Greek Bruschetta
Servings: 1-2

About 1/4 cup spreadable feta cheese (if you don't have this, add crumbled feta to the veggie mixture)
3-4 cherry tomatoes, chopped (I used a mixture of red and yellow)
About two inches of a thin cucumber, chopped
3-5 kalamata or mixed seasoned olives, chopped
1/2 teaspoon olive oil
Some kind of toast-type thing to serve it on (I used sesame Melba toast because that is what I had)

Mix vegetables and olives. In a separate bowl, mix roughly 1 teaspoon of olive juices from whatever your olives came in with olive oil. Add this to dress the veggies.

To eat this, spread the feta on the toast and top with veggie mix.


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