Happy Jackson Snack Boxes #45

Rainbow carrots, red bell pepper, Persian cucumber slices, the last of a box of chickpea crackers, hummus (plain old ordinary hummus; sometimes a classic is all you need or want), and Fig Newtons.

The Fig Newtons I bought didn't list whey in the ingredient list, although I think in some parts of the country they are likely to have whey in them. (Whey is turning up in almost everything as Greek yogurt becomes more popular--they've got to do something with all that liquid they strained out, after all.) I try to be vigilant and I always read labels but enjoy myself with at least some of my pre-vegan treats when they turn up as vegan. That's the case with these Newtons, though it isn't always the case with Newtons. I may need to switch to Fig Newmans.


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