Restaurant Review: Veggie Heaven

A while ago, I treated myself to lunch at a place called Veggie Heaven in Denville, New Jersey when I was on a little mini vacation to the mountains of northern New Jersey (you already knew I was a road less traveled person). It's an Asian restaurant that's totally vegan. I started out with wonton soup.

It was great--lots of flavor. I wished it had more wontons, because they were amazing.

I moved on to General Tso's Veggie Chicken Balls.

I had ordered white rice and they brought brown instead. They did say they'd correct their mistake but by the time they brought me white rice I was more or less done with this. Aside from that, I loved this. They were not balls like meatballs, but rather more sort of ball-shaped tofu things. And brown rice is fine. Not as good as white with this, but fine.

Because I was feeling extravagant, I had dessert.

This cake was quite dry. I swear I've never bought a slice of vegan cake out in the world that is anywhere near as good as what I make at home. But that was okay, because I also had a milkshake! (I told you I was feeling extravagant.)

This strawberry shake was really rich. I was pretty full when I left (and I didn't bother to finish off the dry cake).

The meal was generally good enough that I wanted to go back for takeout on my last night of vacation. I got sushi.

I ordered a Philadelphia roll (smoked "salmon" and veggie cream cheese), a "shrimp" and avocado roll, and a California roll. The "crab" in the California roll seemed to be the exact same thing as the "shrimp," which was bad, because the vegan shrimp was terrible. It was rubbery and unpleasant and I ended up picking it out and throwing it away. But the Philadelphia roll, with its smoky salmon-like bits, was really, really good.

General thoughts: I'd go here again, but avoid the cake and any fake shrimp or crab. There's a lot to choose from on the menu and it's definitely a nice step up from fast food. 3/5


  1. That wonton soup definitely looks like it could use a few more wontons, haha! The General Tso's chicken sounds great, and the strawberry milkshake, too!


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