Laptop Lunches #36

What did I tell you about going to the grocery store hungry? But one has almost no choice when one has not bought groceries in a month, being in and out of town too much to make shopping worthwhile. Thus, I had a bit of pizza leftover from last week's shopping trip. I had that with celery sticks, Greek yogurt-veggie dip, the rest of yesterday's black plum, a stuffed egg, and--proof of my recent journeys--some airline peanuts.

I was surprised that Southwest still serves peanuts, what with the worries about allergies, but I managed to collect nearly a purseful of peanut packets. If you're going to shell out what it costs to fly, you might as well nod enthusiastically every time the flight attendants come by and ask if you want a snack, and stick it in your bag for later.


  1. Every time the flight attendants ask if I want a snack, I take it... and eat it! Flying makes me hungry, and I never feel like I get enough! :)


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