Laptop Lunches #96

Cherry tomato salad with blue cheese and tarragon (America's Test Kitchen Cooking for Two, probably 2010), grapes, chicken "cassoulet" (Eating Well Serves Two), and orange slices.

I have checked Eating Well Serves Two out of the library about four or five times now and renewed and renewed until I can't renew anymore. I really need to just bite the bullet and buy it.

Anyway, the cherry tomato salad needed something. I had a little cup of pecans nearby that I mixed in when I actually ate it, which improved matters. I don't think I'll make this particular one again.

Chicken "cassoulet" has me wanting the real thing, which I will make some dreary winter week when I think I need the extra warmth cooking for two or three days offers. But this was fine for a quick version, and it got me to eat beans. (It's always tough trying to convince me to eat beans.)

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  1. I love cassoulet in the winter. We do it with a can of black beans, a can of white beans, and usually chicken and some sort of pork sausage. The sausage usually depends on what we've seen at Farmer's Market or if we go to the sausage/butcher shop about 5 miles from our house. Once in a great long while, I'll make it with one of those great big grocery-store turkey kielbasas (shaped almost like one of those Awareness Ribbons), often using up the last half after taking the first half of it to somebody's BBQ. I'll add a can of tomato sauce, a bunch of herbs from the garden, some onions & garlic, and I've learned the big trick is to add a bit of either red wine or red wine vinegar. It also helps to add a bit of fresh-grated nutmeg. The last two items might sound a bit odd, but they make a big difference. We'll eat this for four days straight in our house.


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