Laptop Lunches #117

More of yesterday's Thai mango salad, stuffed olives, sun-dried tomato hummus in the cup, a glazed kiwi muffin (Muffin Tin Cookbook), strawberries, and sugar snap peas (to dip in the hummus).

Kiwi muffins are a very good idea someone else should surely have thought of before Brette Sember (who wrote the Muffin Tin Cookbook). They're a lovely tart-sweet flavor and I've enjoyed eating them for breakfast the past couple of days. They are oddly light and I fear I overcooked them trying to get them golden, but if you can get past the whiteness of the muffins, they're definitely worth it.


  1. Because of reading your blog, I finally got myself a Muffin Tin cookbook. I made egg & veggie sausage muffins today (and despite the cheese, they had a similar color to yours) for going-back-to-school breakfasts. I'm looking forward to making individual baked french toasts and tostadas. I might be able to get my husband to branch out from all-sandwiches-all-the-time this way!

    1. Great! I should so be getting a kickback from Brette Sember, don't you think? ;)

      Any branching out from sandwiches is a good plan in my book.

  2. Kickbacks would be nice! Or at the very least, a courtesy copy of an older cookbook of hers or of her next one.

    I am so burnt out on sandwiches for work. Every summer and winter break in college (under- and grad) I worked temp jobs, typically manufacturing and occasionally ill-fitting-for-me secretarial jobs. I could never be truly sure how long I'd have for lunch, whether there'd be a microwave around, or where the nearest anywhere-to-buy-lunch was (especially as I didn't drive), so it was sandwiches. every. stinkin'. time. I'm finally to a place where I can take a sandwich to work again, but only if it's a really good one. This week, for a staff meeting across town from where I usually work, I didn't want to chance finding somewhere to buy food. I took good sourdough, roast beef, cream cheese, a small bit of good mustard, and homemade cranberry ketchup. While everyone was driving off to find food, I made myself a lovely lunch. On the side was edamame I'd grown in the yard and had just put up the previous weekend. People came back mumbling about the mediocre fast food they'd been able to find. Hah!


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