Laptop Lunches #126

Lighting is a challenge this time of year. I think you see the shadow of my arm in the lower left corner.

Honeycrisp apple slices, Biscoff spread, honey glazed almonds, yellow bell pepper strips, celery sticks, leftover mozzarella sticks with cherry tomato garnish, carrot sticks, and yogurt ranch dressing.

I love Honeycrisp apples. They really don't need anything, but I wanted to try the Biscoff spread that came with the Goodies box. I had seen it in the store, but never understood what it was--apparently, pureed cookies of some sort, with something to hold it together. It's given as an alternative to peanut butter sometimes, and I guess it would work that way to some extent, but I think there's a nutritional difference worth noting between peanuts and cookies. I thought the Biscoff spread was just okay. I would prefer peanut butter.

Now that I'm looking at this, I see that everything is very horizontal in this box. It probably would have been nice to have something oriented vertically, but there is an orderliness to this, I suppose.


  1. Such a fun lunch. Perfect for my leftovers linky. Please stop by and link it up. Leftovers on Fridays


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