Laptop Lunches #127

This is actually from yesterday. Since I had a 1:00 appointment for coffee, it didn't seem like it made sense to eat the usual lunch; instead I had a kind of brunch at around 10:30. As such, I packed breakfast-like items: Potato stars with ketchup, cucumbers and assorted cherry tomatoes, turkey sausage links with a fried egg, and pummelo chunks.

I may or may not have planned this meal entirely around the potato stars. I love tater tots and hashbrowns and things, and when I saw these in the freezer section, they kind of spoke to me. They are, essentially, tater tots, but in fun star shapes. Also, for reasons I'm sure I would need some other kind of scholar to explain, these baked up much better than tater tots tend to--nice and crispy outsides with soft insides. True, they were room temperature when I ate them, but I'm actually perfectly fine with tater tots at any temperature but cold.

I used an egg ring to fry the egg, which didn't work out quite the way I wanted, but it still tasted good. I need to learn how to properly use an egg ring, I think.


  1. Those star-shaped tater tots are so cute! They're probably crispier due to having more corners than the usual cylinders? I dunno, but they're so cute!


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