Traveler's Lunches #3

I know, I know. This is a kind of drastic change of pace. But I went to New York for a business meeting, and didn't pack a lunch. And yet I felt compelled to show this to you, because I visited one of the most intriguing restaurants I've ever been to! It's kind of the same premise as Chipotle--you choose how you want your food presented (this is a "feast," but you can get salads or rice bowls or even a sort of taco thing), and then you choose from different categories of item--only it's Indian food rather than Tex-Mex. You do not see the garlic naan in this shot, but it was really lovely bread. I didn't finish it and wrapped it up and stuck it in my purse, where I promptly forgot about it, so now my purse kind of smells of garlic...but oh, well. The little fishy flag lets you know that I was having fish curry with my "feast." It was a bit on the spicy side even though I asked for it to be mild, and the staff was kind of pushy to get you to leave if you stopped eating for even a nanosecond (hello, New York), but as dining alone in the city goes, it wasn't half bad.


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