Lunchopolis #12

A mini croissant, a cup of lemon-grapefruit marmalade, a mini wheel of brie, a raid-the-fridge salad (romaine, cucumber, and two colors of bell pepper), a cup of yogurt ranch, apple slices, and mellowcreme pumpkins.

Trader Joe's sells this croissant dough. I think I over-proofed the mini croissants, because they seemed a bit large. I also accidentally proofed them all upside down. But forget all that--they were glorious, and I'll have another tomorrow in a different lunch combo.

I love mellowcreme pumpkins. These came from my local Amish market, which seems a bit weird. But I've learned not to question the Amish market too much. Halloween season sort of kicks off Pumpkin Everything season, which is kind of silly but also fun. However, I'm partial to the classics. As horrible as those little sugar bombs would be for you if you ate them all the time, there's something about October that demands mellowcreme pumpkins.


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