Lunchopolis #13

A sliced mini croissant, cornichons, green olives stuffed with jalapeno pepper, carrot sticks, Canadian bacon and cheddar on a bed of romaine, apple slices, and mellowcreme pumpkins.

One reason I don't pack sandwiches much, aside from them being passe for a lunch packing blog (and not packing sandwiches is my "thing" in what has become a kind of crowded blogging world) is that they don't taste so good unless you eat them right when they're made. So problem solved here: just bring the stuff and assemble the sandwich later.

This is remarkably similar to yesterday's lunch and yet not quite the same. You don't always have to reinvent the wheel for variety. But I do love that my Lunchopolis set is getting a workout again!

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  1. Love it! When you're onto a winner you don't need to change much the next day, my daughter regularly requests the same lunch two days in a row! Thanks for linking up at #whatkidseatwednesday


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