Temari Rabbit 2-Tier Bento #54

Carrot-cucumber salad, a half a Forelle pear on a silicone lettuce leaf (supposedly to keep it out of the honey-sesame dressing), blackberries, rice with nori crumbles, cherry tomatoes, and teriyaki chicken.

The silicone lettuce leaf didn't really keep the pear from getting the dressing on it, but it actually didn't taste bad anyway, so it worked out.

I made the chicken out of things I happened to have around, and some chicken thighs in my freezer. Grocery stores are scary, crowded places this time of year...


  1. Can you tell me where you found those (or what brand they are) oblong silicone cups I see in so many of your bentos? I've found some really small ones, which can fit maybe three raspberries, but I'd like sturdier and larger ones like I've seen in some of your posts. Thanks.

    1. I got them so long ago! And they are pretty small--you see the blackberries in this one. But I think they're Freshware. Freshware does a lot of different shapes of silicone cup in lots of different sizes.


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