3-Tier Bottle Bento #17

Guys! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I was off work a bit, and then there was food poisoning, so...not really wanting to think about lunch. But here I am! At least for today. Tomorrow, etc. if I can get my act together.

Baked beans, a stuffed egg (paprika mix), and potato salad made from a mixture of purple and red-skinned potatoes garnished with some Persian cucumber slices.

I don't actually recommend making potato salad with purple potatoes; it's weird. But it tasted like potato salad usually does, and it is an interesting color, and they were what I had around.

I knew when I packed this I would be eating cold beans, but somehow I didn't mind. And that I didn't have fruit, but that, in this case, couldn't be helped. (You're looking at a bit of a scrounge for lunch here.) This was actually really satisfying. I've always loved these things at picnics, and what is a packed lunch if not a picnic for one?


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