ECO Lunchbox Three-in-One #26

Salad of romaine, leftover baked salmon, grape tomatoes, red onion, and mini bell pepper rings; yogurt ranch and "Bac'n Pieces" for topping; blackberries; raspberries; and chunks of plummelo.

A curious thing happened at the grocery store: after passing by the fake bacon salad topping for who knows how many times before and wondering about it, I bought the stuff. It's vegetarian, which amuses me to no end. It's just textured soy protein with color and some kind of mysterious flavoring. (No, this is not typically the direction I go in. But...anyway.) It's actually quite nice in salad--crunchy and vaguely meaty. I wouldn't buy it all the time--and actually, now I wonder how I will get through a whole jar--but it's a nice change of pace from croutons. And for those of you for whom it matters, it's also gluten free.

It brought to mind something that might have been a false memory--a commercial that played in my childhood with people eating these little soy nuggets on salad and potatoes and things--so I went looking. This isn't quite what I remember, but I do remember this one:

Maybe I can crowd source this. Was there an ad where people took bites and then exclaimed, "Oh!" as if it was the greatest idea ever?


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