Happy Jackson Snack Boxes #15

A wedge of scallion-cheddar supper bread (from the Dinner Doctor cook book), a slice of something some people call "pork roll" and some people call "Taylor ham," peach slices, a little cup of yogurt ranch, snow peas, baby carrots, and cherry tomatoes.

A co-worker offered me her CSA share while she was on vacation. This week I was daunted by the huge bunch of scallions I had, so scallion bread it was.

Meanwhile, a friend had heard a story on NPR about a particular New Jersey pork product with a controversial name. Some people call it "pork roll" and some people call it "Taylor ham." She called to ask whether I could get some to try and report back. I found some at a grocery store near me, and in general it confused me. It looks something like ham and something like a paler version of salami. It tastes more like bacon than either, but the texture is nearly impossible to describe. Ultimately, though, it tastes glorious on the scallion-cheddar bread (which is actually more like a giant, cheesy, oniony biscuit than anything else).

It's more commonly referred to as "pork roll" in my region, but I think "Taylor ham" sounds more appetizing. However, it can't legally be called ham. So it's actually "pork roll."

Either way, if you're going to have it, I recommend putting it on something biscuit-like, which is not very northeastern of me but that's what you get from a transplant from the Southwest. The scallion-cheddar supper bread is very easy to make. Just saying.

This post is part of the monthly link up party Our Growing Edge. This event aims to connect food bloggers and inspire us to try new things. This month is hosted by Cheryl at BusinessChic. The theme for August is "work day eating"--perfect for me here are Food for Dissertating!


  1. "Scallion chedder supper bread" sounds wonderful!!

    I've been playing with work lunch box ideas and am so inspired by this - I've not heard of the Dinner Doctor cookbook so thank you for the introduction :)

    1. The Dinner Doctor is fantastic! She's better known as the Cake Mix Doctor.


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