Temari Rabbit Bento Bowl #17

Only one tier this time for the bento bowl: baked tofu and bok choy sauteed in peanut sauce over rice with extra peanuts and scallions on top.

All of the lunches you've seen this week were pre-election lunches. I was really involved in this election cycle, since weekend volunteering began over the summer. My brain wasn't really focused on colorful food, but I managed to feed myself. I thought about not showing them to you at all, but maybe it's good to show the imperfection sometimes.

Sometimes my food is brown with a little green for color.

Sometimes I don't manage to hit all the groups I'm going for, and there is no fruit, or no veggie, or something.

But I cook my food and I eat it and I do my best. And this tasted pretty awesome anyway.


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