Insulated Jar & Sides #25

Melon chunks, canned soup (Campbell's has a new vegan vegetable soup), and soup mandels (mini croutons). (In case you can't tell, not feeling well has lasted a little while, and cooking is beyond me.)

This particular soup is actually labeled as vegan, which is uncommon in general and nearly unheard of from Campbell's. (Again, nobody ever pays me or sends me free soup or anything for this.) Warning: nearly all Campbell's soups, including their "vegetable" soup, aren't even vegetarian, let alone vegan (it's in that "natural flavoring" you'll find on the label, and people moan about it all over the internet. Because...really!? That seems wrong somehow). This is the Italian vegetable with farro, and it's reasonably good. It is also clearly labeled as vegan.

Soup mandels are from the kosher section again. They're really fun and also good in salad.


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