Lunchopolis #33

An eggless salad (Hot for Food) sandwich, a little bottle of homemade vinaigrette, fresh cherries,  basic salad (mixed lettuces, tomatoes,cucumbers, yellow bell pepper), and potato salad.

Doesn't this salad look like egg salad? It also tastes a lot like it, but it's made of crumbled tofu, and it is really good. I will say it has a longer list of ingredients than my egg salad did, but you also don't have to cook anything for this or peel eggs. Just crumble the tofu and mix with stuff and go. However, it tastes better after it's had a chance to sit for a bit for the flavors to meld, and given the relative blandness of tofu, the pinch of cayenne pepper was really important.

The potato salad, meanwhile, wasn't the best thing I've ever done, because I accidentally over salted the water while I boiled the potatoes. Oh, well. It tasted good, if too salty.


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