Laptop Lunches #282

Onion crackers, olive tapenade, improvisational cucumber salad, carrot-apple salad, and a handful of chocolate covered fruit jelly candies.

This is the last meal I had to pull together for myself this week, so it's a little odd, taken, as it is, from the odds and ends about my kitchen. But I do love carrot salads of nearly every kind, and cucumber salads of nearly every kind, and olive tapenade of every kind, so that's all great. These are also things that I suspect anyone would eat, vegetarian or vegan or not, although if you weren't you'd probably not make it your main focus.

I love the fruit jelly candies from the local produce market (which I otherwise refer to as the "Polish-Korean store"--have I previously mentioned this?). For some reason a lot of these Polish candies don't use gelatin, but pectin, and they're totally vegan. If I weren't vegan myself I'd probably never have tasted Polish chocolate-covered fruit jelly candies. Food is amazing.


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