Temari Rabbit 2-Tier Bento #99

Beet spread, cucumbers, olives, hummus, tortillas, and falafel balls on a bed of lettuce. (Wraps ready to assemble.)

I actually pulled our building custodian into the kitchen to show her this lunch, because she was saying that vegans only eat lettuce sandwiches, then get skinny and die. She was amazed, then said that surely this was extremely expensive. Let's run the numbers, shall we? I'll round up (this is based on the prices given on local grocery store websites).

1 serving of beet dip from Trader Joe's--40 cents
1 mini cucumber, sliced--46 cents
3 large black olives, canned--15 cents
1 serving of plain hummus--30 cents
2 flour tortillas--30 cents
A handful of romaine lettuce--20 cents
Four falafel balls--1 dollar

Total cost: $2.81

Sigh. I mean, yes, I could spend less; I often do. But I don't think a little under $3 for lunch qualifies me as a spendthrift.


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