Laptop Lunches #3

Clockwise from top left: Granny Smith apple slices, banana-and-peanut-butter mini kabobs, cucumber salad with scallion-dill dressing, a whole egg stuffed with the usual mix plus some chopped prosciutto sitting on a bed of carrot sticks, and a fresh peach miserably cut up.

Two lessons learned:

First, if you're going to make banana-and-peanut-butter mini kabobs, it's best to wait until the lemon juice painted on the banana slices to prevent browning dries before trying to put on the peanut butter, or to paint the lemon juice over the whole thing once it's assembled. Those things were slippery. I had planned to use a whole banana and do four of those things, but they were so time consuming I gave up after two (and since I ate breakfast at work, too, I just threw the half a banana in the bag and ate it with my granola).

Second: I really, really need practice in cutting up a fresh peach.

This was actually a really tasty lunch. I think I put way too much minced scallion in the dressing for the cucumbers, but it was otherwise a win. I've never put prosciutto in my stuffed eggs, but that's an idea worth repeating. And the banana kabobs were actually really nice. Though I swore, making them, I'd never try that again, I think that might be worth another shot with another method. And how amazing is it that standard toothpicks fit just perfectly into the lunchbox containers?


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