Laptop Lunches #4

I decided I needed something different than eggs and carrots for once. Besides, I had no hard boiled eggs on hand, and my fridge had frozen my carrots.

This, clockwise from top left, is fresh pineapple wedges, a mixture of strawberries and blackberries, leftover garlic chicken sausage sauteed with green pepper and onions, and a diced tomato with some yogurt-ranch dressing to put on top when the time comes.

Pineapples are a commitment when you're single, and if I had any sense I would have left that one in the store, but I was picking up the berries and remarking on the cost differential--wow! $2.50 for a pint of berries, or $2.00 for a whole pineapple! Of course, you end up eating more of the berries than of the pineapple--you've got to account for rind and core--and once you've cut into a pineapple you'll be eating pineapple at every meal for five days, but I do love fresh pineapple. So I caved. I have a feeling pineapple will be showing up in various forms for a while.


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