Dinner Plate #1

I don't always pack my food. Sometimes there's a proper meal at home, albeit rarely for those-who-dissertate.

This is sort of a variation on a BLT salad. Instead of plain bacon, it's bacon-wrapped scallops. It started like this: I had some bacon. I don't eat bacon very often, but there it was--bacon. I was at the store buying shrimp (you can see some of that in the entry for Lapop Lunches #1) and I paused at the scallops. Not terribly pricey, I said to myself. I keep telling myself I need to acclimate to being a coastal person now, a person who should be eating food from the ocean. The ocean is close, after all. I've got my own ocean, right there. But I'm an inland person. Inland people eat pigs and cows and chickens and such, and sometimes catfish. I'm expanding. So I bought the scallops, and in the back of my mind, I'm thinking, I've got bacon, and people wrap scallops in bacon.

The bacon-wrapped scallops were easy enough to make--cut bacon, wrap, toothpick, broil--and seemed pretty tasty. I even did this in the toaster oven, of all things, because my actual oven is broken. But as it is cooking, and I'm smelling bacon, I realize that I have nothing to eat with this. Maybe a salad, I said to myself. Maybe it could be a salad!

So there it is. Bacon-wrapped scallops with diced tomato on a bed of mixed greens that had been lightly tossed in a yogurt-ranch dressing.


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