Monday, July 11, 2011

Laptop Lunches #1

A while ago I bought a Laptop Lunches lunchbox. This is version 1.0, I guess, since they now have a new version that addresses some of the issues people had with the first. Of course, I now want version 2.0, but I'm waiting until I finish my next dissertation chapter to get a new lunchbox, and I've got my eye on a Japanese bento box at a store in the local shopping center. Laptop Lunches lunchbox 2.0 will have to wait.

So this is the first of my lunches I decided to photograph. A friend once asked me to blog my lunches if I ever made them consistently. Since I now pack a lunch pretty nearly every day, it makes more sense to take pictures, and taking pictures makes me slightly more accountable for what I eat, rather than taking a handful of granola bars and cookies. (Did I ever do that? Um...) So, yes, blogging lunch.

So, clockwise from top left: celery sticks, carrot sticks, leftover sauteed shrimp from the night before, a suffed egg, assorted cherry and grape tomatoes in various shades of red and orange, strawberries, and a yogurt-based ranch dressing for dipping the veggies into. (I sometimes remember to not put the lid on before I take the picture. Not always.)

Pretty, tasty, and nutritionally sound. The good thing about this for writing a dissertation is that it isn't heavy and doesn't make me want to take a nap after I eat. This is brain food, sustenance for writing. Much better than cookies. Hear that, fellow travellers on the journey toward defending?


  1. That's how I also started my blog! Making lunches for myself I thought, I might as well make a photo of it and put it on a blog.

    I have noticed though that my lunches are getting a bit more creative since I started blogging....

    1. It happens. Once you see a picture of it every day, you figure you can't show the world yet another array of baby carrots! Baby carrots are fine. Baby carrots for two solid weeks? Not so much.

      Although this lunch was fine, I could easily make it much more attractive if I were making it again today, too.