Saturday, February 13, 2016

Pack-a-Snack #64

Snow peas, celery sticks, and baby carrots with homemade tzatziki for dipping.

The thing that needs commenting upon here is the fabulousness of my little corner cup and its perfect fit in the Happy Jackson box. Otherwise, this is veggies and dip, and I'm sure you don't need me to say more about that!

Friday, February 12, 2016

3-Tier Bottle Bento #20

Mango chunks, pearled couscous dressed with basil, and cucumbers topped with tzatziki.

This wasn't very cohesive, and the only veggies were in the sauce (which, to be fair, had lots of cucumber in it), but it's Friday, and I didn't have to buy anything, and it was relatively balanced. So it wins anyway.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Temari Rabbit 2-Tier Bento #65

Pork fried rice with a variety of veggies, leftover cucumber-carrot salad (not so pretty now, but still tastes good), and orange slices.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Happy Jackson Snack Boxes #2

Rice with salmon furikake, leftover apple bourbon pork tenderloin (from the freezer), cucumber-carrot salad with honey-sesame dressing, spinach and tomatoes sauteed with garlic, mango chunks, and chunks of blood and regular oranges.

If you don't want to buy special lunch boxes--something people have remarked on quite a bit when they see what I pack--you can just use other containers and silicone baking cups, and pack stuff tightly. This is not something I'm super skilled at yet, but this was a pretty impressive little meal, and I was pleased. (Of course, these are the "Happy Jackson" boxes, so I did buy them for packing purposes, but if you don't need bright colors and lids that say things like "YAY! LEFTOVERS!" any random plastic container will probably work if it's the right size.)

Also, to all you single people out there, don't fear cooking a pork tenderloin and saving your leftovers in the freezer. When I cooked the original one, I sliced off some for leftovers after the first dinner, then left the rest uncut (about half), wrapped it in foil, stuck a label on it, and put it in a freezer bag. I could swear that the freezer actually improved it, but that might be because I forgot how nice it was in the first place. I'd never tried this before, but it worked out really, really well.

Also, this means that if you live in a snowy place, you can stock up in the fall and have homemade food to eat throughout the winter whether or not the stores are places you want to go.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Insulated Jar & Sides #4

Garlic chicken sausage, broccoli-cheese rice, and tomatoes and spinach sauteed with garlic.

I did not realize, bleary eyed in the morning, just how much garlic this was. The break room at work smelled pretty strongly of garlic while I was eating this, and I chased it with a piece of the random candy that is always in there in hopes of clearing some of it out. Aside from not having any fruit, this was pretty satisfying. I got the rice extremely hot and put it into a pre-warmed insulated jar, and I think that was helpful--it was warm at lunch, if not hot.  And I didn't dilly dally taking the photo, either, which is why it is somewhat blurry--both from the rush and the steam of the rice.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Sakura 3-Tier Bento #52

Mango sticks, orange slices, a blueberry blintz, sour cream, and eggs scrambled with spinach and tomato. Sometimes you just want breakfast at lunchtime. And if you play your cards right, breakfast for lunch still has fruit and veggies and protein and whatnot. This was a little lacking in grains, however--the blintz crepe is very eggy, although it does have some flour in it, I think.

Someone recently asked me about eating scrambled eggs at room temperature. This really doesn't bother me--in fact, I think I like them at room temperature as much or more than having them hot! Am I weird? A lot of quiches are meant to be served at room temperature, and people eat hard boiled eggs cold without batting an eye. (She wasn't saying I'm weird. I just kind of got to wondering. Am I alone in this?)

Friday, February 5, 2016

Sakura 3-Tier Bento #51

Fruit salad of the mango I forgot I had, blood orange, and kiwi; brie spread; roasted grape tomatoes; some dark chocolate; and mini toast squares.

The stores are not exactly good places for fresh, perishable things at the moment, nor am I in the mood to fight weather, people, and such to go out. So stay tuned for more scrounging lunches next week! And maybe a snack post, if my snacks aren't plain granola bars (fine to eat, not worth blogging).