Laptop Lunches #86

Romaine and tomato salad with croutons and blue cheese yogurt dressing, cheesy chicken noodle casserole, and a nectarine, peeled and cut into chunks.

Nothing spectacular, but the colors are nice.

In other news, I bought an 8 pound bone-in ham the other day, on clearance. It was a terrific price, and ham is easy enough to do all kinds of things with, but 8 pounds of anything is daunting for one person. I also noticed tonight, after I'd sliced it all up and de-boned it and pulled out all those little bits of ham that can't be sliced but can be ground up into croquettes and ham salad, that I am out of freezer bags. So I still have a fridge very full of ham. I anticipate you seeing ham in some form for a while, but maybe not too much if I can manage to get it frozen soon. And the ham bone is destined for some southern-style green beans. My mouth waters just thinking about them. So in the end? Twelve dollars for an 8-pound ham? I'd do it again in a heartbeat!


  1. Dou know the old saw about the alternate definition of eternity -- "two people and a ham"?

  2. Sounds about right. But it lasts a while, and Fannie Farmer has some great ideas!

  3. That ham would last maybe a week in our house. :)


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