Laptop Lunches #87

Ham salad on romaine lettuce leaves, water crackers, baby carrots, orange slices, squares of dark chocolate with almond roca, and apple and white cheddar chunks.

For what it is, I am actually quite pleased with the way this turned out. The square silicone cups divided the box pretty neatly into six roughly equal squares. There's a good mix of color, texture, flavor, and nutrients, though it would have been better with cherry tomatoes, had I had them, rather than the carrots, since the oranges had that part of the color wheel covered. Since I made the ham salad last night with my Smart Stick chopper (I absolutely love that gadget--I use it at least three times a week and it's much more practical for me than a big food processor would be), it took me all of about 10 minutes to put together. (Yes, I do realize I sound like I'm being paid to advertise Cuisinart. I am totally not; I don't care what brand you use. But having one of those sort of things--an imersion blender with a chopper attachment--is a major help to the solo cook.)

Also, the writing is going super well, and I have acquired the beginnings of my summer container garden. I just have to find last year's seeds for the rest. Container gardens probably don't end up saving money, though they pretend to do so. (It's not the seeds or plants that get you; it's the potting soil and planters.) But they are fun and a wholesome enough source of entertainment. Look for pictures later.

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  1. Great lunch! I have to try the apple and cheddar together.

  2. Make it a good, firm cheddar (aged)--this was too soft and got mushy. I didn't mind, but next time I will want a stronger cheese, like Jarlsberg or something, that will stand up to the liquid. (This particular cheddar was a cut up wheel of Babybel. Babybel is already sort of soft.)


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