I'm Here

Hi, all. I know I didn't post this week. Our semester hasn't started yet (northeastern schools and their insane schedules...) and so I didn't have to be on campus for anything, and it's unbelievably cold, so I've hunkered down to wait it out. This has been more difficult than you might imagine! I am now the owner of a space heater the size of a dorm mini fridge, which was kind of expensive, but my teeth have stopped chattering, so I'm going to say it's worth it.

I haven't forgotten you and I have loads of ideas--there's a recipe for edamame stuffed rutabaga cups that I'm dying to try as soon as I can find some rutabaga, for example. And falafel muffins with asparagus hummus. And macaroni and cheese cups with bacon and chives. And...well, you get the idea. Plus, the chill encourages cooking--helps to stay warm! So I fully expect to be blogging soon.

There's just one hitch here. My camera is on its last legs and may not stick with me. Keep your fingers crossed.


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