Laptop Lunches #136

I could have done better with the apple, but it's respectable, I think. It comes with cinnamon sugar popcorn, carrot sticks, herb dip, mini Club crackers, and a stuffed egg.

The popcorn was from the Goodies box, but there are a lot of different brands of cinnamon sugar popcorn. No need to give you a link. Amazon has at least half a dozen varieties.

I don't know when Keebler started making Club crackers in mini size, but I hope they keep doing it because they are really convenient! And very cute.

Nothing special, but it is reasonably healthy, mostly homemade, and on the cheap side. You can usually only get two of those three from a grad student!


  1. Looks good! Did you make your own cinnamon sugar popcorn?

  2. No, that and the crackers are the prepared foods. (And I guess I didn't do anything to the carrots, either.)


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