Laptop Lunches #144

Black plum slices, small tomatoes stuffed with salmon salad, curried rice salad (The Dinner Doctor), and a stuffed egg. (Or two, depending on how you define stuffed egg. Is it the half, or the whole?)

I must apologize for this crooked photo; I rushed back to take this picture after I realized I'd forgotten the almond topping on the rice salad, and was apparently in too much of a hurry to frame it properly.

The stuffed tomatoes technique is one I've used before; there is a tutorial here. The salmon salad recipe is the same one used to stuff the avocado yesterday. These were really very good!

This salad was a new one for me. Supposedly you can eat it hot or cold. Hot, though, it is vile. I was really worried, but cold it was actually pretty good. It's a weird combination of things, however, and I am on the fence about some of the ingredients. Essentially, it consists of Rice-a-Roni in a spiced mayo with jarred artichoke hearts, scallions, and green olives, topped with toasted almonds. (Wow, did that look strange typed out.) Mostly it is the olives I find really odd in this one. I doubt I'll make this particular rice salad again, but I'll keep experimenting and figure out what I like in the realm of rice salads; I don't think I've ever made one before this. Do you have a rice salad recipe you'd recommend?


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