Pack-a-Snack #1

Since my schedule is such that I need to pack a snack in addition to a lunch a lot of the time, I decided I might as well start showing you those as well occasionally. The basic ideas are very similar, but this is also a great way to use up odds and ends. (And yes, I am like everyone else; I eat granola bars and candy and all sorts of far less elaborate snacks not worth blogging at all.)

I'm going to call them all generally Pack-a-Snack, because I will use a lot of different containers, but I doubt that knowing what I'm using will be as helpful as it is for lunch boxes. This small blue rectangle comes from my Lunchopolis kit, and I've filled it with six mini square silicone muffin cups (each holding about 2 tablespoons), with six different offerings:

White fudge mini Flipz, roasted vegetable hummus, carrot slices, a tiny bit of leftover salmon salad, mini pretzel thins, and cut snow peas.

This was very satisfying, much more so than a granola bar would have been, and might work out well for a small child's lunch. Even though the container got knocked around a bit in my bag, everything stayed securely in its compartment.

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  1. I finally got the linky to work and I have to nice photos for you at #187 and #188 on Full Plate Thursday, wa hoo!!

  2. Like the name snack-a-pack :-)


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