ECO Lunch Box Three-in-One #17

Pumpkin butter-mascarpone spread, brioche toast, white chocolate covered strawberries, a hard boiled egg (halved), carrot hummus, olives stuffed with jalapeno peppers, celery sticks, cherry tomatoes, and mini orange bell pepper rings.

Chocolate covered strawberries are super easy, and if you buy them out in the world they'll probably charge you some ridiculous amount of money for them. It's definitely worth it to learn how to do at home.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Any kind of chocolate (white, milk, dark, etc.)

Wash and dry strawberries thoroughly.

Cover a plate in aluminum foil and make sure you have room in the fridge for it.

Melt chocolate in a small bowl in the microwave. For about 6 strawberries, you'll need roughly 1/2 cup of chocolate. Check every 30 seconds until it begins melting, then stir every 10 seconds of cooking time until it's smooth. (You'll still see lumps when you pull it out of the microwave--the stirring is important.)

Working quickly (because the cold strawberries will make the chocolate set quickly), dip strawberries in chocolate, turning to coat evenly. Set aside on the foil covered plate.

When you finish dipping the strawberries, stick them in the fridge until the chocolate sets, then gently transfer to a covered container. And make sure to lick the chocolate bowl.


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