ECO Lunch Box Three-in-One #15

Eggs stuffed with a bacon mixture, peach slices, grapes, Scandinavian cucumber salad, and pinwheels of multigrain tortilla, ham, and cream cheese.

I'm actually not quite certain what makes the cucumber salad "Scandinavian." It is essentially a quick fridge pickle--mostly vinegar, salt, sugar, and dill to dress cucumber slices--but maybe that just reflects how Scandinavians like dill. If I make this recipe again, I will sweat the water out of the cucumbers before dressing them; as it sat this got watery and leaked out of my box a little. Fortunately I didn't get any vinegar and dill on my fruit!

This recipe is, incidentally, from the same book as Monday's crazy chicken. Maybe the life lesson is to use commons sense with old recipes--except that sometimes the weird stuff is actually really good!


  1. I've never heard of Scandinavian cucumber salad, but it does sound very similar to the way we make "pressgurka" (pressed cucumber). As you said, it's a kind of quick pickle, and it's usually very watery. And I don't think it's very common to use dill in it, at least I've never seen it with dill. We'd typically service as a side for a sunday roast with potatoes, gravy and red och black currant jelly.


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