Happy Jackson Snack Boxes #13

Linguine with vegetarian "meatballs", tomato sauce, and Parmesan cheese; steamed broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots; blueberries; and blackberries.

I made these "meatballs" with Neat, a meat substitute made of pecans. I had some in my cabinets for far too long and needed to use it up. I was following the recipe on the back of the package of the Italian flavored Neat, but I think I cooked them too long. They were very dense and not that wonderful. They weren't bad enough to chuck, though, and I willingly brought last night's leftovers for lunch.

Incidentally, I haven't gone vegetarian, but I do find it interesting that all my lunches have been vegetarian this week! Tomorrow's will be, too.


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