Temari Rabbit Bento Bowl #12

The lighting in my kitchen was awful this morning. And this bento bowl never really does do my food justice. So I experimented with the camera. Here's angle #1 (the bowl itself):

And angle #2 (the inner bowl/lid section):

And angle #3 (overhead), looking quite a bit sadder:

This is what comes of cloudy mornings.

But anyway.

The inner bowl has Korean melon, and the larger bowl has purple rice, seaweed salad, and kung pao chicken.

Korean melon, like any melon in my opinion, benefits from salt. If you don't normally salt a melon, but salt cucumbers, a Korean melon could be a good entree into the world of salted melons.

This kung pao chicken was a new recipe for me, taken from Quick Cooking for Two, and it was truly excellent--a good balance of not being too dreadfully much effort and still tasting pretty good.

Kung pao chicken was the first recognizable dish I ever saw an actual Chinese person cook. I'm sure most Americanized Chinese food is based on actual Chinese food in some way, but there was something reassuring, in the season of my life I spent lots of time with Chinese people, about the fact that Chinese restaurants weren't just pretending altogether. There is a thing called kung pao chicken. Chinese people eat it. It has chicken and peanuts and it's spicy. A nice comfort for a cloudy day.


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