LunchBots Quad #1

This lunch uses much of the same stuff as yesterday, in a new box. I am something of a magpie for shiny new lunch boxes, and I've had my eye on the LunchBots for a while now. I bought this one from a local sustainability store. I think this is an older model than they're currently selling online--no fancy colors or anything, just plain old stainless steel.

Quinoa, mango, and black bean salad; tea biscuits; blueberries; and some pinwheels made of black bean hummus (see yesterday's post for the recipe), red and yellow bell pepper strips, carrots, and cucumber in a flour tortilla.

I have completely fallen for tea biscuits after finding them on sale for 50 cents a package in the kosher section of my grocery store. You do need to dunk them in hot tea for the full experience, but I usually have hot tea with lunch so that part is easy. They come in lots of flavors and are amazingly cheap. (When not on sale they run about 65 cents per package at their most pricey.)

Vegan again, two days in a row. Hmm. Not bad for a committed omnivore.


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