Laptop Lunches #21

Back in the saddle! That was an interesting week--power out, with me eating what I had here in the order of most likely to spoil to least likely. (Have you ever made a meal out of a package of deli roast beef? As in, only that? An entire package of deli roast beef? Not recommended.)

Today is better than that.

I made mini-kebabs again, this time of leftover turkey breast, white cheddar cheese, and cherry tomatoes. I had that with apple slices, the most amazing carrot slaw, a bit of snow peas cut in half (these survived the storm but were unlikely to last much longer) with some yogurt-ranch dip, and a silicone cup of dried cranberries.

The carrot slaw recipe came from the classic Fannie Farmer Cookbook. Unlike Fannie, I am no fan of raisins, so I left them out. I loved this. Carrot slaw is a keeper in the rotation for sure.


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