Laptop Lunches #22

Last night, I made pork chops for the first time. I used the recipe for baked, breaded pork chops in a cookbook I checked out of the public library, America's Test Kitchens Cooking for Two 2009. They were quite possibly the best thing I have ever cooked. They were a little fussy--toasting bread crumbs I had to season myself, then toss with parmesan and parsley, and dipping the chops in flour, then a mixture of dijon mustard and egg whites, then pressing in the crumbs, then baking on a rack over a rimmed cookie sheet--but worth every bit of fuss. (And the total hands-on time wasn't really all that much--though the total time to wash the dishes should really be factored in for those of us without dishwashers.) I will make pork chops again, for sure, even though the leftover version, the next day, is only nice, not transcendent, because the coating is no longer crunchy.

So, leftover pork chop with homemade aïoli and a few mini tomatoes to fill in the holes, a homemade apple chutney from a jar I had on hand (seemed like the thing to do with pork), the end of the carrot slaw (which although not so nice on day two was still good, if not so crisp), and a mixture of nectarine wedges and blueberries.


  1. 1) your blog background reminds me of my snacktaxi fabric, which I also found at joanns

    2) I love that you check out cookbooks from the library

    3) thanks for stopping by Lunch It Punch It and sharing the link to your site, I'm off to look around.

    btw, I think I might be logged in as udandi, but it's Andi who runs Lunch It Punch It :)


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