Laptop Lunches #29

I am still fridgeless. I may or may not get a refrigerator tomorrow. (In the morning I must throw away everything that didn't make it into the cooler.) So here we are, and I think it's fair to call this what not to do as well as a Laptop Lunch. Cup-o-soup packets, tea bags, orange slices, some stevia packets and a cup of honey (sealed) for the tea, mixed nuts, a granola bar, and a travel mug.

I never ate the soup, and I think that half an orange, tea, nuts, and a granola bar is not exactly enough to sustain a person. I really should have bought some sushi or something, but I was feeling poor (especially since I have to throw so much food away!). Lucklily dinner was on campus and free, and now is sitting on ice, so there will be a lunch to be had tomorrow.


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