Laptop Lunches #33

Apparently I'm a little pinwheel crazy. Really, I didn't go to the store according to schedule and didn't cook, so that actually explains the pinwheels. But this is different, in that these pinwheels are deli honey turkey slices, not tortillas, rolled with veggie cream cheese. Not vegetarian (but still kid friendly).

The pinwheels are served with plain water crackers, chunks of grapefruit and oranges, snow peas, grape tomatoes, yogurt-blue cheese dressing, and sticks of mango.

It has started to really amaze me how many different kinds of fruit there are. Growing up, my family kept oranges, apples, and bananas on hand at all times. We had both Granny Smith and Red Delicious apples, so we were really embracing variety, I guess. And I did encounter other fruits--canned fruit salad, which we usually doctored with some sliced kiwi and chunks of apple and banana, canned pears, peaches in season (and canned when not). I guess I haven't thought about it much, but since I've been blogging, and purposefully trying to show new items, I'm starting to see it--this is really the first time I've had grapefruit on the blog? And yesterday was the first day for a mango? And I haven't even shown you a fig or a papaya or a cherry, or any number of other things. The world is vast, and great are the fruits and veggies therein. I'm so glad I started blogging my lunch, or I probably wouldn't have embraced so much variety in my food--I know I wouldn't have discovered starfruit--and if I had I never would have thought about it.

In the realm of graduate school, I am well, I think, but starting to feel the pressures of the home stretch, and I've rarely been so happy to see my day off coming. But you've got to take days off, or the pressures will do you in.


  1. I love the lo-card pinwheels! Keep up the good work with your degree...breaks are necessary! Thanks for participating in the meme at Bento Blog Network!


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