Laptop Lunches #42

Most of this came from an on-campus event I was responsible for setting up and tearing down/putting food away. (The secret lives of graduate students--I have mentioned this elsewhere on the blog. But in case you missed it, we all thrive on free food we get wherever we can, so as to supplement our stipends, which, while not exactly at the level one might qualify for government aid, do leave one with the need for creative ways of makng them stretch to cover our expenses. Jorge Cham at Piled Higher and Deeper has covered this multiple times. Here. And here. And too many other times to link.) This means, happily, I get to eat pineapple without investing in a week's worth of pineapple-eating.

So: Soba noodle salad with veggies, some sliced beef (a bit more rare for my taste than I'd like), a stuffed egg, a mixture of pineapple, cantaloupe, and grapes, and two cookie bar triangles (lemon and coconut chocolate chip).

I wished for more veggies, but otherwise this was good.


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