Laptop Lunches #48

Cucumber salad with scallion dressing, the end of the carrot slaw, three egg halves stuffed with prosciutto mix on a bed of purple lettuce, a wheel of Babybel cheese, and three fudge-covered Ritz crackers. Yes, that's right--it was a limited edition holiday thing, the fudge covered Ritz crackers, and I got them at a much reduced price. I thought the combo of salty-sweet would be nice so I thought I would give it a try. Nice idea, but not the greatest execution on Nabisco's part; with higher quality chocolate,though, these things would be ambrosia. Still, a nice change of pace, and not quite so many calories as cookies.

I was going for more protein because cucumber salad and carrot slaw are so very low in calories I figured I'd be too hungry too quickly. But I felt super full before I even got to the third egg, the wheel of cheese, or the crackers. My metabolism is making no sense of late.

Meanwhile, I love how quiet the campus is with everyone away!


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