Laptop Lunches #46

I wanted to acknowledge Christmas somehow, but I am not really a bento blogger. I'm a lunch packing blogger. I want to do things that are simple (enough, at least) to do even when you don't feel like spending much time on it. Ironically, this meant giving way, way too much thought to what I could do for a red and green themed meal. And it didn't turn out quite as I hoped, but it's here anyway, because I feel sharing my failures is all part of the learning process:

Mozarella, pesto, and tomato rolls; red and green apple slices; roasted prosciutto wrapped asparagus spears; and three cookies from a small package of Kambly Coeur aux Noisettes I bought as a Christmas treat for myself. (Imported Swiss cookies are quite pricey, but these are amazing and I haven't had them in a year or so, so it was about time.)

A few issues: The mozarella roll turned out to be huge compared to what I had envisioned, and the pesto smeared all over the place so it doesn't really appear as part of the roll. The proscuitto didn't get quite as dark as I expected, so it's more deep pink than red. Also, asparagus spears are slightly too long for this box, so I had to trim them down and hide the scraps under the whole spears. All in all, there are too many different versions of red and green, and it really isn't as appetizing as using more of the color spectrum might be.

Alas, Merry Christmas! (It may not be the last of me you hear of before then, but nonetheless, this is the last red and green themed meal you'll see!)

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  1. There's a lot of food to choose from!

  2. I guess I should have explained that! Yes, I pack a lunch that could be "bento" by many definitions. It's just that when I think bento, I think about things like your Angry Birds theme from a few weeks ago--I think of shapes and making the food look like animals or cartoon characters or something.

  3. Yum! Your lunch looks attractive and delicious!


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