Traveler's Lunch #1

I'll be honest. I am sick to death of going places. But I will leave tomorrow morning for a conference, and figured I could give packing a meal for the train a try. (I don't know if I could bear to do it for a plane ride.)

Since the possibility of losing my lunch (literally!) is there when I'm out of my normal surroundings--I do tend to lose things when I go places, and I very much miss the black wool hat I lost at the airport last month--I did not want to pack anything I would miss. This is a recycled deli meat container and a recycled disposable takeout salad dressing cup. In the cup is the yogurt-ranch dressing I was on a quest for this week. I also have carrots, a wall of celery sticks, a Babybel cheddar wheel, some airline peanuts (appropriately enough, don't you think?), a hard boiled egg, a few slices of orange, and Granny Smith apple chunks.

I really don't know how this will be tomorrow, given that everything has the potential to touch everything else, but I am hoping it goes well. In any case, I haven't lost much by making the effort. This, a few granola bars, and an apple should get me where I'm going a lot cheaper than on-board meals or restaurants.

Now, let's see if I remember to take it...traveler's brain may prevent it.

Edited on-board Amtrak train:

Well, this sort of worked out, but perhaps not entirely. It was cold this morning. It's still quite cold. My ride to the station was slightly early and in any case, even if he hadn't been, I totally forgot to eat breakfast. So I ate this at about 10:30 AM. And it was cold. And so was I. So I ended up getting a hot cocoa and a biscuit from the station. The flavors did not meld, however, which was good. I realized I could have done all sorts of things better to make it more attractive, but I think this wasn't bad for a first effort. Next time I'll use paper or foil cupcake cups to divide things up for when I fear the silicone could get lost.

Sidenote: Amtrak has free WiFi. I don't think I can be convinced ever to fly again!


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