Laptop Lunches #50

Note that I am not using a dirty lunchbox; I just got pomegranate juice all over the little blue container and didn't notice in time to take a new picture.

Anyway, this is a salad of mixed greens, apple chunks, and pecans with a cup of orange dressing, kiwi and pomegranate seeds, a skinned duck drumstick with duck fat oven fries, and some kumquats.

I made the orange dressing out of leftover orange sauce (that came with the duck), lemon juice, and extra virgin olive oil. Sometimes my experiments work out, and this was a win! I really wanted to put apples and pecans in my salad but didn't have appropriate dressing, and then I had this epiphany about the orange sauce. This is good, as I am trying to be frugal here.

Also, a note on kumquats, which are a new thing for me. I was not prepared for all the seeds. So although it is great that you can eat them, peel and all (and the peel is actually the best part), be prepared for the seeds.

This is the last of the duck I will eat in this form. I know you've only seen it twice, but oh, the things that duck and I have done together! Yesterday I made some sort of mock pate like thing with the liver and ate it on toast for lunch. Today the carcass is simmering with the giblets, some onion, carrot, celery, and herbs to make a stock that will be the basis for a duck soup (with the reserved meat). And I've eaten duck-and-something for dinner every night three nights in a row. It's like a movie: The Duck and I. I don't reget this; I do like duck and I believe in not wasting food. But I still look forward to something different.


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